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You are not alone. Our team are here to help but to do so we need to know more about your circumstances.

Whilst we are confident of putting you on the correct path to stopping your bailiff, every case is different for a variety of reasons. We need to know more about the nature of the debt and your personal circumstances before we can correctly advise you on how to go about stopping the bailiff in their tracks.

You are not alone. One of our advisors is waiting to talk to you today or whenever you’re free, so simply fill in the adjacent form and let’s stop the bailiff together.

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Things We’re Good At

We Listen

We know that this can be a stressful time. We have professional advisors that are there to listen, so take the time to explain your circumstances. The information you provide can be key to helping stop the bailiff.

Giving Sound, Free Advice

Our advisors know about your bailiff rights, sometimes a simple bit of information is enough to stop the bailiff in their tracks. They are also able to advise about debt services and financial solutions.

Stopping Bailiffs

Our free advice is tailored to doing just this. By knowing what your rights are we can empower you to stop further visits from the bailiff and getting you on track with your creditor, whether it’s a local council or private company.


Where we can and where necessary we can speak with the bailiff or creditor for you to help set up an arrangement that is affordable. Very often a payment plan, grace period and removal of unfair bailiff fees can be negotiated.

Some of the Bailiffs we’ve stopped