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Take these essential steps

Do NOT let them in your home or premises.

You are not obliged to let a bailiff enter your home or premises and doing so could give the bailiff more powers, so don’t let them in!

Do NOT be intimidated.

Typically, the bailiff’s bark is worse than their bite.They will sometimes try and intimidate you to get their own way, but you don’t have to respond to their intimidation!

Do NOT sign anything.

The bailiff may want you to sign an agreement such as a CGA (Controlled Goods Agreement). Doing so could also give the bailiff more powers, so don’t do it!

Contact Bailiff Support.

We can advise you on your rights and options and in some cases help deal with the bailiff directly, so call us or fill in a form to find out how we can help!

Bailiff Support. Expert Advice on Bailiffs & Your Rights

What can we help you with?

• Council Tax Arrears
• Parking Fines
• High Court Judgments
• CCJs

How can we help?

We have helped hundreds of people just like you. We aim to do the following:
• Speak to and reason with the bailiff or creditor
• Prevent further visits from the bailiff
• Arrange an affordable payment plan
• Write-off unaffordable unsecured debts and fees

What Can Bailiffs Do?

• Attend your home between 6am and 9pm
• Enter your home peacefully
• Seize control of goods once they have entered
• Charge fees during different stages of collection

What Bailiffs Cannot Do

• Force entry without the appropriate warrant
• Enter a home with only a child or vulnerable person present
• Remove protected items or items which don’t belong to you
• Attend your home between 9pm and 6am

We offer different solutions based on your personal needs and situation.

How Does It Work?

Contact Us

You can either call us for free or have one of our advisors contact you at a suitable time by filling in the above web form.

Talk Through Your Options

Our staff are trained & qualified in bailiff rights and debt services and can help point you in the right direction.

Stop Bailiff Action

Our service isspecifically tailored to ensuring we can help you stop the bailiff action and prevent further visits from them.

Some of the Bailiffs we’ve stopped